KINOD 10: A Decade of Roadsters


Southern California has arguably been just as important as Japan in shaping the worldwide evolution of the Roadster community in the last decade, and no other SoCal event has had such an impact as KINOD. Established in 2006, KINOD (Krispy Kreme In-N-Out Drive, pronounced KEE-nawd) started as a weekly gathering of friends in the parking of lot of a Krispy Kreme and In-N-Out in Industry, CA. Over time the event expanded into a well-attended meet. KINOD is truly a unique cultural phenomenon – a mixing of community and industry, an indicator and expander of the Roadster’s popularity among younger owners.


Fast-forward a decade to just two weeks ago. KINOD was set to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and we at RadRoadsters couldn’t bear the thought of missing a story on this special occasion. I packed an overnight bag, grabbed my camera equipment, hopped into my Roadster, and headed down to Industry for KINOD’s 10th birthday.

Early arrival meant time for a quick bite with some of KINOD’s old guard. Only a handful of Roadsters had arrived, styles varying from a functional-height Mariner to an aggressively-flared NA equipped with Watanabes and beautiful Jet Stream headlights. Not all were Mazdas, however. A pair of clean S2000s and a mint Triumph TR6 appeared, representing all that is good in the land of non-Mazda roadsters.


The sun dropped from the sky, giving way to a procession that quickly filled the parking lot. Row after row of Miatas represented every style of build imaginable.


All-out track cars mixed with mild street builds. Every chassis had a sizable representation. NCs and NDs were surprisingly well-represented; though none were track machines, a number of clean street cars with varying modifications were present. There were also some well-recognized cars present. I’ve known of KINOD since my days on ClubRoadster some years ago, and iconic cars such as David Woolery’s Pitcrew and Jeremy D’Ambrosio’s Rotrex-equipped fastback NB go hand-in-hand with this community.

Garage Woolery Pitcrew Roadster


Clad in Bridgestone RE-050As and a Lexan spoiler, this NC means business.
SSR MK2s and a Garage Vary lip give a classic look to this Mariner, while the switchback LEDs in the turn signals provide a modern touch.


BB-8 made a guest appearance at KINOD.


This NA’s 1UZ V8 transplant looks right at home in its engine bay.
The subtle-yet-classic exterior mods belie the power under the hood.


Still zip-tied to the spoiler, a transponder leaves no doubts as to the purpose of this NA.


Mazdaspeed Miata (MSM) on Work’s new 15×8 CR Kiwami wheels.
CST Demon Camber wheels, Morette tail lights, and a Garage Vary wing culminate in a distinctive Japanese flair for this NB.
Jorge Castillo’s Roadster Cup NB1 made an appearance.
This car means serious business – Jorge rolled in on Hoosier SM7s.
Once a rarity among street-driven Roadsters, cut bumpers have become a commonly-seen modification and were commonplace at KINOD 10.
This Mazdaspeed NB2 takes bumper cutting to a new level.
One of a handful of NDs present.
Two NCs looking resplendent in white paint.
SSR SP1Rs, Garage Vary eyelids and lip, and canards give this NB1 an aggressive face.
Jon B.’s classic and classy NA Roadster on TE37s.
NB1 on Team Dynamics wheels.
Jeremy D’Ambrosio’s NB1 fastback Roadster. The missing fascia and dented front left fender hint at a recent incident with a wall at Buttonwillow Raceway Park.
Rotrex goodness.
Hot ambient air temps are often an issue in forced-induction setups, requiring prolific use of heat shielding.
Garage Vary tails, an Autokonexion fastback, and a twice-cut bumper provide a distinctive look to the rear of his NB.


Jeremy’s NB wasn’t the only one equipped with Garage Vary tail lights, as seen on this silver NB2.

A number of interesting non-Roadsters were also present, ranging from this track-ready Lotus Elise to vintage machines such as a mint Datsun 240Z.



It was soon midnight, and the crowd thinned as partakers left and went home. At the end of the night all that remained was an empty parking lot next to a Sears and Krispy Kreme – a simple place, a blank canvas for a community that has blossomed over the last decade and influenced the evolution of today’s worldwide Roadster community. KINOD holds a special place at the heart of many enthusiasts. We certainly hope it will continue to thrive for yet another decade, and look forward to the next anniversary meet.